Flood and drought warning for staying ahead of your game.

Unexpected floods and droughts severely impact your business. GLOFFIS provides early warning so you can take pre-emptive action and prevent losses.

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Don't let flood and droughts surprise you.

Prevent financial risks from floods

Floods can be financially risky for businesses, especially for those in flood-prone areas. Property damage, business interruption, and revenue loss can lead to high repair costs, relocation expenses, and increased insurance premiums. Floods can also damage business reputation and customer trust. Businesses can prepare for emergencies by ensuring they have timely forecasts available.

Protect against losses from droughts

Droughts can financially impact businesses that depend on water, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and energy. Crop failures, lower productivity, and higher costs due to increased irrigation or water transportation can cause revenue loss. Regulatory restrictions and potential social unrest can further compound the impact. Businesses can manage risks by looking into the future with drought forecasts.

GLOFFIS provides flood and drought forecasts to make better business decisions.

GLOFFIS adapts to your business easily. Whether you want a forecast for flood or drought, for a single or for multiple locations or integration into your management dashboard, GLOFFIS will suit your demands. Schedule a meeting and let us know how you would like to use GLOFFIS.

Features to protect your business

Tailored to your business

Your decisions need to be based on data that is trustworthy and relevant to your business. Warning level notifications are adjusted to your requirements. GLOFFIS will be tailored to your needs, so you can make better decisions.

Available for your location(s)

GLOFFIS flood and drought forecasts are available for any location in the world. Whether a production plant in India or a farm in South Africa, GLOFFIS has you covered.

Integrates with your workflow

No need for a new username and password because the GLOFFIS API connects with any dashboard. It seamlessly integrates into the workflow and information systems that you are familiar with.

Trustworthy forecasts built on 100 years of experience

GLOFFIS is developed by Deltares, the Dutch national R&D institution for water management and geotechnical engineering. With GLOFFIS you benefit from 100 years experience in water management.

  • Established partner with an excellent international track record in water management and modelling.
  • Supported by a team of 50 experts to help you manage your flood and droughts risks the best way possible.
  • Based in the Netherlands where water management is part of our DNA.

Extensive experience, high quality data.

Custom forecasts for every use case


Your policy holders can minimize losses based on early warnings of floods and droughts by GLOFFIS.


Drought and flood forecasts help you decide when, where and how to source your raw materials efficiently.


Knowing when and where there will be enough water is essential for successfully growing crops.


Water availability impacts the energy market. Early action on trends brings insider trading opportunities.

Supply chain

Floods are known to disrupt continuity of production. Forecasts allow you to prevent supply chain issues.


Floods disrupt infrastructure and if you have prior knowledge you are positioned to plan ahead.


Sharing and using information about imminent floods and droughts helps protect communities and the environment.


Knowing floods and droughts in advance means lending on financial markets before the price of capital rises substantially.

Getting up and running is easy.


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Activate GLOFFIS

GLOFFIS will be custom made for your use case and you start receiving your forecasts.

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Jan Verkade

Patricia Trambauer

Jeroen Berrevoets

Frederiek Sperna Weiland

Dr. Jan Verkade is an operational river flow forecaster and a developer of hydrological forecasting systems. He has a long track record in working with clients on translating forecasting requirements to forecasting systems and on effective forecast-informed decision-making.

Dr. Patricia Trambauer is an operational drought forecaster and hydrologist with over 10 years of experience. Patricia has wide experience in developing forecasts of value for decision makers to reduce the impact of hydro-meteorological hazards such as droughts and floods.

Jeroen Berrevoets, M.Sc. is an operational water management specialist with a background in Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics. As the co-owner of Brasjas, Jeroen has a thorough understanding of the private sector.

Dr. Frederiek Sperna Weiland is an operational river flow forecaster and a hydrologist specialized in long-term hydrological forecasting. Frederiek has ample experience in translating user needs to products and services, ranging from hydrological models to forecasting services.  

...or contact us directly via gloffis.info@deltares.nl or +31 88 335 8230.

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